How I found CrossFit and Community during lockdown

As a jiu-jitsu practitioner for the past decade, I have naturally adopted the mindset of staying calm and seizing opportunities. However, it is difficult to practice the art as regularly as you want as you start to lose muscle memory, rhythm, and accuracy.

In this case, I had to find another sport that instilled the same discipline while outside of my comfort zone.

Enter CrossFit Firefly, a boxing gym I found on Facebook with no website, no significant presence, and no Yelp account. That would be interesting.

Good coaching cues trigger neurons

Ferdinand Thieriot taught my first session with a glassblower who became the trainer and co-owner of Crossfit Firefly. While pointing out my poor form to me, he eloquently eloquently addressed the small details that kept my arched back and form fixed during AMRAP exercises.

It’s not exactly what he said, but how he said it made everything click.

It was like dealing with an eccentric fitness guru who spent his time and effort perfecting someone else’s art of training.

His few words opened up a new perspective that resonated with me.

My neurons and nerves fired as I increased the habit of distributing weight on my feet, not just the balls of my feet. And within three weeks during AMRAP WODS I did a series of cleanings with perfect shape.

Building a CrossFit community

Ferdinand runs and owns CrossFit Firefly, which was founded in 2015, with his wife, Tracy Thieriot. Avid Breaking Muscle readers, you recognize Chris Holder’s kettlebell tutorial as one of their best resource for form and movement.

While Ferdinand built his career in the fitness industry through great attention to detail, intense self-awareness, and a certain sense of direction, Tracy relied on her fiery creativity and sense of adventure as a major in dance communication and ethnic studies who believes entropy is her standard state. Her modern dance and contact improvisation background led her to find CrossFit and explore other arts such as capoeira and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

How I found CrossFit and Community during Lockdown - Fitness, Crossfit, Wod, Kettlebells, Mobility, Community, Jiu-Jitsu, Dance, Capoeira, Rhythm, Creative Movement, Cleaning, AMRAP, Pandemic, Covid-19, Boxing Gym, Lockdown , Brazil Jiu Jitsu

We immediately connected by sharing our experiences in dance and mobility. Tracy says WODS helps her develop a better sense of managing her center of gravity as she explores mobility and movement through her craft.

As a competitive athlete at 5’11 “with an ectomorphic body type, this conversation hit.

CrossFit is a great form of exercise for getting in shape and conditioning your body if you are a practitioner who specializes in another art form.

The circular concept of energy transfer

After reading this far, you may find that Tracy and Ferd are purists who believe in the healing effects of exercise and its community effects.

They talk about this concept of circle technology – specifically, the transfer of energy through support, suffering, cheering, and giving up all pretexts.

It’s raw and it’s real.

How I found CrossFit and Community during Lockdown - Fitness, Crossfit, Wod, Kettlebells, Mobility, Community, Jiu-Jitsu, Dance, Capoeira, Rhythm, Creative Movement, Cleansing, AMRAP, Pandemic, Covid-19, Boxing Gym, Lockdown , Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

We’ve all seen the best and the worst of each other, so we might as well do the real work.

It can be said that the stars were aligned for the CrossFit couple to serve the community through their boxing gym.

If all members ask you to stay open throughout the lockdown, how can you not be motivated to fight for the right to keep your doors open?

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