The Njoie Nforce Percussion Massage Gun

The Njoie (pronounced enjoy) Nforce massage gun is a lightweight percussion massage gun that uses short staccato bursts of gentle hammering to penetrate your soft tissues. Does it help with recovery? I couldn’t put it objectively, but it feels good and it’s relaxing. And that can be anything it has to be. If you need some science to help you, here’s what: Compare the effects of vibration therapy and massage in preventing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). There isn’t a lot of research specific to percussion massage guns, however. At first I was skeptical because they are not cheap and are called weapons that you have to point at yourself and trigger.

How Percussion Massage Guns Work

At the top of the range for percussion massage guns like the $ 599 Theragun Pro are a few key specs: 60 pounds of power, 16mm amplitude, Bluetooth, OLED screen, and wireless charging. And if you pay six hundred dollars to get beaten up, you have to consider the specs. You want more than 40 pounds of force so you can apply more pressure and not stop the massager from working because it is jamming. You want higher amplitudes, with 16mm being the top of the range as this is the amount the massager head moves outward and you need higher amplitudes for deeper massages.

You also want speed, how fast the massage head is moving, with the medium speed range being around 2,500 RPM. In this regard, the Njoie Nforce hits the mark. And it drops below $ 100. That’s a long way to make up for the lack of muscle specs that can be compared to the big boys. I think the only way you can tell the difference in performance is by having devices on either end of the spectrum that you can compare right on your skin.

5 levels advantage
1900 rpm Relaxation
2300 rpm Wake up muscles
2700 rpm Decompose lactic acid
3100 rpm Improve blood circulation
3500 rpm Relieve deep tension

Good vibrations, ROM and DOMs

The benefits of massage are tangible for everyone, from the hardcore lifter to the casual user. The premise of massage is that it moves muscles and tissues, releases toxins by creating better blood circulation, better oxygen flow and general relaxation from tension and stress. It can help loosen you up after a heavy lifting session and keep you flexible. It can help you sleep better, as anyone who has ever had a massage at a spa can testify. I can say in no uncertain terms that everyone in my family struggles to use Nforce at night and that it’s pretty cool to beat yourself up with it before you go to bed. Just the vibrations on your skin are enough to relax you. Even so, you need to be careful to keep the gun away from your neck or sensitive body parts. Maneuvering it yourself can be a challenge unless you have experience as a contortionist. However, it builds up grip strength, especially at higher speeds. And if it just gives you a sense of relaxation, then it’s worth the hundred dollars you pay for it. That is probably no more than a professional spa massage worth cost.

That brings me to my ultimate recommendation for the Njoie Nforce: You get what you pay for. This is an entry-level product or an inexpensive alternative to more powerful percussion massage guns. The experience is enjoyable on an occasional basis, but if you’re someone who considers a massage gun a part of your workout and recovery, then you should consider something a little stronger.

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